Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just when you thought you couldn't hate HFCS more . . .

Come to find out, there's a more than decent chance that high fructose corn syrup is at the very least contributing to the much-publicized colony collapse disorder which has decimated our honeybee population:


That's right!  Beekeepers have been feeding bees HFCS over the winters to keep the bees from consuming their stored honey, which is what they do in nature.  However, the HFCS contains small amounts of a pesticide, imidacloprid.

I wouldn't dismiss the possibility that the heavily genetically modified corn could have something to do with it, either, but whether or not . . . yay, yet another reason to hate high fructose corn syrup.

Did you know that some forms of HFCS are used as road de-icer?  Yep.  It doesn't corrode the road surface or the undersides of cars.  I think that's an excellent use for the nation's HFCS supply.

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