Friday, May 4, 2012

Two More AMAZING Low Carb Books!!

I stumbled across two more books, one new, one not so new.

The not-so-new book is Maria Emmerich's The Art of Eating Healthy:  Grain Free Low Carb Reinvented Sweets.  (She has another cookbook that also looks great, Nutritious and Delicious, but I haven't received that one yet.)  This is all desserts.  She has an emphasis on almond meal and coconut flour (both of which I love), and a preference for "stevia glycerite" and erythritol (neither of which I can stand) but she lists substitutes and the recipes look lush.

The other new book, and one I'm super enthused about, is Low-Carbing Among Friends, Volume 1, by a whole host of people, including Jimmy Moore and Dana Carpender, both of which have achieved low-carb sainthood, if not demigod status, in my book.  This book is a collaborative effort, however, with a lot of other people, including the above-mentioned Maria Emmerich.  One of the most exciting things about this book is the beautiful words "Volume 1," because apparently Volumes 2 and 3 are due out this year.

This book may well become my favorite low-carb book of all time.  Every recipe is sugar free, gluten free and wheat free, not to mention very low in carbs (most recipes are under 5 grams net carbs/serving).  The recipes are simple and sound delicious (I haven't had time to try them yet).  Conversions and substitutions are detailed if you don't like this sweetener or that.  This cookbook covers the full range of cooking, from soup to nuts.  No matter what low carb plan you're following, including paleo, you will find this book a treasure.

I do have one criticism.  The book is divided into sections by author.  That means each author has their own section of appetizers, soups, breakfasts, what have you (so if you want to look at appetizers, you're going to have to skip from one author's section to the next), and the table of contents list only the first page of that author's section.  I would have much rather seen the table of contents and the book arranged by category and each recipe credited to its author.  I don't find the table of contents very useful at all, because as much as I revere Dana Carpender, for example, I'd only want to have her for dinner as a guest, not an entree.  However, the book does have a good index and it does, thankfully, list the dishes not only by name, but by category.

My other very minor disappointment is I sure wish they had a signup for email alerts for when the next book becomes available, or any other info they'd like to send us.  Heck, from this crowd, I'd read their laundry list.<G>

Buy this book immediately (it's slightly cheaper to buy it from them directly via PayPal, but it's also on Amazon), buy a copy for your low carbing friends, and bookmark the web page:, and keep your eye out for the sequels!!!

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