Friday, October 12, 2012

It's alive! Alive!

Hey, everybody.

You've maybe noticed my conspicuous absence for . . . oh, several months.  I'm still here, still low carbing.  Sorry for the absence, just got caught up in a lot of Real Life messes like a legal property line dispute, an air conditioner that gave up the ghost in the middle of a triple-digit heat wave, senior parents with health problems, a dear friend in the hospital with what everybody thought was a heart attack, things like that.  And me, slogging through really record-breaking insomnia and, probably not coincidentally, depression.  All of that ended up with me barely able to string two thoughts together, much less put them into a readable sentence.

But here I am again, back like a case of Athlete's Foot.  For those who actually follow my crazy ramblings, I apologize for the long silence.

Let's get back on track.

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